Project Background

If you’ve ever paused to admire an exquisitely renovated home, or appreciated the fine attention to detail of a cutting-edge commercial building, chances are you have seen the work of Base Architecture. The combination of talented staff and the latest technology has established the firm as one of Queensland’s top architecture firms.

Base Architecture focuses carefully on producing environmentally-friendly building designs that enhance the lives of families and communities. They have developed a reputation for excellence and professionalism, values that they also expect from their key business partners.

Our Process

It is for this reason that Base has worked closely with Mangano IT for more than a decade, ensuring that essential business systems are dependable and efficient. The managed service provided by Mangano IT allows Base Architecture to focus on the business of designing Australia’s future.

Thanks to the software, hardware and backup agreement in place, Director Shawn Godwin is happy that his technology needs are in good hands.

“We’re architects, not technical IT people,” said Godwin.

The Mangano specialists do a great job of highlighting what is necessary in layman’s terms, and I consider them an essential part of my team.

While the fully managed service that Mangano IT provides has given Base Architecture a smooth ride through the many technology developments of recent years, on the one occasion that a problem occurred, Godwin was happy that his IT partner stepped up.

“They took full responsibility, resolving the issue efficiently. Their response gave us that level of trust that can be hard to find,” said Godwin.

Click here to download a full version of the Base Architecture case study.

Case Outcomes

As technology becomes an increasingly integral part of Base Architecture’s business, that trust extends beyond maintaining the status quo to identifying new opportunities to excel. The business was primarily dependent on AutoCAD and Sketchup software, but as a new, technically savvy generation of architects has joined the business, it has been important to forge a new path.

Sourcing the best tools for these highly-skilled graduates has proved easier with the right IT support. Working with Mangano IT to define needs and assess potential solutions, it was determined that ArchiCAD would allow the Base Architecture team to extend its winning edge. ArchiCAD is a 3D design tool that enhances collaborative workflow processes, giving important productivity gains.

“The overall service we experience is unreal – from the moment we go to our technician with a need, they’re onto it. They make sure all our requirements are met, and work out the right licensing option; when they say full service, they really mean it,” said Godwin.

To implement ArchiCAD, some of Base Architecture’s older hardware had to be replaced with a range of highly available HP devices, so the process was phased in four steps. Downtime was kept to a minimum to avoid interruption to the busy Base team.

“Once the ArchiCAD was introduced, the improvements and benefits it promised us as a business were quickly apparent,” said Godwin.

It was really just a simple and quite seamless process, and the result hasn’t disappointed.

Those benefits included the ability to work more efficiently, with a higher work output. The accuracy of on-site work was “vastly improved”, said Godwin. This makes it easier to keep projects on-time and within budget, a key part of the customer service commitment that Base Architecture prides itself on.

“We’ve had a very strong relationship with Mangano IT for a very long time,” said Godwin.

We honestly wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.

Click below to download a PDF version of the Base Architecture case study:

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