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For most businesses, cloud offers exciting opportunities for near-instant scalability and access to top-tier infrastructure. There may also be compelling reasons to retain on-premise infrastructure. Mangano IT are able to deliver both, as well as hybrid cloud solutions that offer a combination of both.

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Fortunately, new hybrid technologies allow you to blend the ideal mix of cloud and infrastructure seamlessly. Today’s infrastructure offers cloud-like scalability and flexibility, and options such as hyperconvergence take big strides in efficiency and making your environment easier to manage. Of course, dedicated compute and shared storage solutions also have their place, and our experts will always help you to find the best outcome within your budget.

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There are many considerations when selecting a cloud solution, from where the data centre is located to how your data is secured. New cloud options are emerging daily, and keeping up is a full-time job. Our cloud specialists assess your needs in detail and use their deep knowledge of the many cloud offerings to find the best match. They help you to identify where to position each workload, how to transition smoothly, and which options give you the best value.

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Getting the right cloud and infrastructure balance is key to your readiness for the digital economy. Time to position your business for the future? Contact our cloud and infrastructure team today.

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