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New cyber risks are emerging hourly, and all types of organisation are targets of organised cyber-crime. Small and medium businesses hold a wealth of sensitive information, and they make up 61% of cyber-attack victims. Many businesses never recover from the direct financial loss, as well as damaged reputation.

Attacks come in many forms, and as the world has seen with recent cyber-crime, the effects can be devastating and long-lasting. The best defence must be multi-faceted, covering all access to the IT environment. It must ensure freedom of legitimate users while halting cyber-attackers in their tracks.

Mangano IT specialist IT security services include:

anonymous person using laptop

Multi-factor authentication

workers in bright shared office with laptops working together

DNS and web filtering

anonymous user hand on mouse

Simulated user attacks

laptop bright code on screen in dark room

Dark web monitoring

infrastructure hardware

Backup and encryption of data

cyber security

Notifiable data breach reporting

laptops side by side on a shared office desk

Administration privilege control

glasses out of focus in front of laptop

Application whitelisting and hardening

code on screen

Operating systems and application patching

sending email with laptop

Email filtering

anonymous person looking at screen

Anti-virus and malware protection

Whatever your IT needs, we’ve got you covered

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