An Underperforming On-premise Environment

OPEC pride themselves on being a practical, problem solving company focused on the provision of high-quality services and equipment to their diverse client base. To deliver on such promises with a workforce spread across the country, their IT architecture needs to be robust, secure and flexible, capable of handling any situation to ensure business continuity. However, OPEC Systems were suffering from downtime due to an on-premise environment not servicing their distributed workforce.

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Our Process

Accessing IT systems remotely is integral for OPEC but relying on an entirely on-premise environment housed at one-site was becoming difficult to manage with their growing requirements. With data availability unreliable at times and incidences of link failure, Human Resources Manager Dave Kirkby sought a solution.

We’d been working at one location for a long period of time and were experiencing downtime issues that were having knock-on effects for the business. We’d been in talks and working with a few providers, but we weren’t satisfied  with certain things which led us to engage Mangano IT.

Mangano IT came on board under a managed service agreement that would encompass support services across OPEC’s entire environment moving forward.

After meeting with Dave and all the relevant stakeholders, Mangano IT evaluated the situation, taking into consideration the distributed workforce, business critical applications and initiatives that OPEC wanted to achieve. Delivered in two phases, the first step was to migrate the legacy on-premise infrastructure to a highly available Citrix deployment that would operate in Microsoft Azure, better delivering OPEC’s services and data to their workforce.

Being quite an extensive migration, Dave and the wider OPEC team were regularly updated and kept in the loop on its progress.

They set realistic expectations and were not content in promising the world and then not being able to deliver. We had regular meetings where the specifics were outlined to us in a manner we could understand. It was a strong relationship from the get-go, and we were able to communicate when necessary.

The second phase involved implementing Microsoft Azure backup and Azure site recovery services. Although not time consuming in comparison to the first phase, it was just as critical to OPEC’s operations because it was a direct remedy to the linking issues they were experiencing before the migration. With minimal hiccups along the way, Dave understands the value that Mangano IT offer.

With their extensive range of IT knowledge, we were comfortable knowing they would handle any hiccups. The whole process was quite smooth and seamless, there was nothing major that occurred to put the project at risk.

Case Outcomes

OPEC’s migration was undertaken to fix their unreliable availability of business-critical applications and data. Since implementation their productivity has improved exponentially by ensuring compliant delivery of their information systems to a resource team across the country without compromising on speed or reliability. Include business continuity being addressed, and the decision to engage with Mangano IT is one that Dave Kirkby said has been justified.

The service has been fantastic, and we’ve had no issues since beginning to work with Mangano IT. They’re easy to talk to, knowledgeable and always prompt.

From small cloud projects to complete managed services, and from helping your teams collaborate better to reinforcing the security and availability of your systems, Mangano IT can help you achieve the outcome you need. For more information give us a call on 07 3151 9000.


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